• Monday , 22 January 2018

Cabrera Productions LLC

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P.O. Box 6554
Burbank, CA 91505
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    Victor Cabrera is a multi-talented writer,
    director, and producer with a diverse
    background in the entertainment industry.
    Vic is an avid observer of the comedy in the
    human condition, and the relationships that
    make it all worthwhile. His writing is rich in
    character. Stories written from the heart.

    Vic is President of Cabrera Productions LLC,
    a company dedicated to producing his
    writings (movies, internet and theater).

    Vic has created Comedywebchannel.com. The
    site features; comedy sketches called
    Comic-toons, production forums and
    referrals for web actors, web producers and
    web directors. In addition, his movie and
    LOGO items are sold through the web site.

    The Big Deal is a 74-minute, ensemble
    comedy, which Mr. Cabrera wrote,
    produced and directed. It's a fun story with
    great characters and a ''super-hot'' original
    soundtrack by Esteban Adame.

    Cabrera is developing as a book and a
    play, My Cuban Story. The tale begins with
    the Cabrera family in Cuba then; the
    Revolution, escape to Spain, New York and
    assimilation in Hoboken, New Jersey. The
    theatrical production includes Original music
    and dance. It's an immigrant story that
    defines the ''American Dream.''

    They're My Stories and I'm Sticking to ''em,
    by Vic Cabrera is a collection of four one-act
    EDDIE and THE BIG DEAL. Vic is work-shopping
    the plays for future production.

    In addition, Cabrera has written and
    developed a bible for a sitcom, with 140
    story lines, based on his movie The Big Deal.

    Vic also created and wrote the bible, in
    Spanish, for La Extranjera en America. It's a
    heart-warming story with 11 original songs
    destined to be a first rate theatrical musical
    and novella.

    Vic recently concluded 20 years at NBC where
    he was a Staff Director, Associate Director and
    Stage Manager. His most recent assignment
    was at KNBC-4 news. During his employment
    at NBC/KNBC, Mr. Cabrera worked on a
    number of live and taped shows ranging from
    news to talk, sports to specials.

    Before NBC, Vic was On-Air and Post
    Production Supervisor at Turner Cable Music
    Channel, based out of The Production Group /
    Post Group in Hollywood.

    Mr. Cabrera was a founding executive in
    charge of Operations and Production for KSTSTV
    48, a San Jose / San Francisco start-up
    station. Before that, Vic was at KOLO-TV (ABC)
    in Reno, Nevada. There he directed a number
    of commercials as well as live programs and

    Vic has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film
    and television from New York University.

    He is co-founder and past president of the
    Alameda Writers Group and has taught TV
    Production · at California State University,

    Victor is a member of the Directors Guild of
    America since 1993.

    Born in Cuba, Vic speaks fluent Spanish. He is
    married and has two daughters. Among his
    greatest accomplishments he lists, ''Being
    happily married for 30 years'' and ''Still
    laughing as a family.''