KonRob, LLC

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510 South Hewitt Street
Unit #514
Los Angeles , CA 90013
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    KonRob is a Creative Agency that designs, builds, strategizes and analyzes original content for global audiences who live for intertainment! As digital pioneers KonRob has commanded the attention of unique digital experts and top influencers. As a millennial owned and operated company with a breathtaking repertoire in production, we craft powerful digital ecosystems built on strong foundations that extend into IP and create new streams of revenue. We are a human-intelligence based company that fosters, studies and nurtures the connection between our collaborators and their audiences; we recognize that this relationship is the fundamental key to radically changing the way we all live. KonRob’s experimental attitude and willful protest against traditionality is not a protest for its own sake: It is a purposeful expression of our constant search for creative responsibility and overall business improvement.