• Saturday , 20 January 2018

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    A Spectacular Revival of Ancient Legend and Lore: Heroes of the Maya TM Héroes de la maya Traveling Family Arena Show Featuring: The Great Royal Ringball® Challenge Heroes of the Maya Traveling Arena Show presents a live, thrilling and inspiring drama of youthful skill and courage as seen through the eyes of the ancient Maya civilization on the grand stage of the modern regional sports/concert arena. THE DRAMA: Drought strikes the ancient Maya Kingdom of Tikál. As the soil becomes parched and the corn begins to die, the King's Shaman consults his codices. The visions are bleak -- years of dusty death as far as his eye can see. Why has Lord Chaac Ha, the Rain God, chosen to torment his people so? What must they do to survive? An audacious challenge by a heroic twin prince and princess may flush him out. These noble siblings are champions of Royal Ringball, even then a true game of life and death. In an act of boastfulness, they taunt Chaac Ha to a fateful game of Royal Ringball -- he accepts, but not without conditions that threaten King Stalking Jaguar?s very rule. We meet the King, Princess Paká, Prince Copán and their mother, the Queen, the Lady Valiant Jaguar. Lord Chaac Ha himself appears with his Royal Ringball team of Croaking Tree Frogs; the Stalking Jaguar and Splendid Quetzál teams also lend their fantastic skills. Lord Xibalba, Master of the Underworld and his zany Screeching Cave Bats; the Brave Voladores; Itzamna, the Creator; the Feathered Serpent and the Glorious Moon Goddess all attend the sacred Macaw Ballcourt. The Great Rain Game Challenge, the Procession of the Corn and Lord Chaac Ha?s concluding Promised Deluge give respite, albeit brief, to the people of Tikál. Heroes of the Maya recounts this dramatic family saga on the grandest scale of the arena theater, replete with distinctive characters, original music, drama, costume, dialog, choreography, set-pieces and acrobatics, while always honoring el patrimonio. A stage-in-the-round is needed to tell such a big story. That?s why the full-scale regional sports/concert venue is required to mount its grand scope. A run time of two or more hours will also permit extensive engagement of audience participation.

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